DUI Victims Panel - Seattle, WA

The Original DUI Victim Impact Panel 

Our DUI victim panel in Seattle, WA, has become a model for use by courts from Alaska to Pennsylvania.  Information on the development of panels has been provided to inquiring judges throughout the country.  The potential for utilizing this approach is not limited solely to the criminal justice system.

Based on our client’s positive comments and feedback, The Original DUI Victims Impact Panel is unquestionably the most client friendly and effective DUI victim panel in the area.

Pre-registration is not required.  The fee is $60 

Contact Info The Original DUI Victims Panel
P.O. Box 9042
Kent WA
Karen Minahan 425 945-6155

Office recording: (425) 945-6155
Fax: (253) 631-9261 E-mail:



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Our client’s positive feedback has made us more determined than ever to help make a difference in our community. Our panels are North, South, East, and West.  Please visit our schedule page and select the best location for you.

Pre-registration is not required.

Contact us at 253 293-0176 or georgegoski@yahoo.com

Accepted in all courts in the State of Washington

In Contact with courts throughout the United States

Certified  number 1 by the Coalition of DUI Victim Panels

Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS) available weekly, call 425 289-1600

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