The Original DUI Victim Impact Panel 

DUI Victims Panel - Seattle, WA

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Our DUI Survivors Impact Panel is based in the greater Seattle, Washington area and has become a model for use by courts throughout the country. We offer panels in-person and online, virtually via Zoom. We are happy to provide information on the development of panels to inquiring governmental agencies and judges.


We are not here to throw the bible, the law book, or a 12-step program at you, but we are willing to jump in your “hole” with you. Let you know, it is going to be okay. We’ve been here before, we will show you the way.

The Original DUI Victim Impact Panel is a community awareness, education, and outreach service that provides clients with a superior DUI impact panel experience. Our panels are available via Zoom and in-person. All panels are held live, and there are no “pre-record” stories. Our experienced team can not give legal advice but we have first-hand knowledge and many great resources. We want to see our clients through the entire process as it is very overwhelming in a lot of areas. We also assist victims, survivors, and their families in the healing process. We are always looking for new additions to our team.

Attendance of such seminars is often required in most instances of DUI arrests, judgments, and ramifications. Panel attendance is often a better and more impactful solution than jailing someone long-term. We strive to assist our clients through this long and stressful process as well as provide a safe space for those struggling with alcoholism or drug abuse to seek help. We enjoy serving our communities through volunteer services and providing our clients with the resources to move forward.

What We Do

We share true stories of tragedies and triumphs providing new and personal insight into the tragic consequences of impaired driving. We believe that healing starts with humanism. We hope to connect with our clients on a human level and inspire change through admission, accountability, acceptance; forgiveness, empathy, understanding, compassion, and healing.

We provide education, awareness, and resources through community presentations. We are always honored to provide such presentations to colleges, high schools, drivers’ ed courses, military bases, and community events.

Why We Do What We Do

Our goal is to enlighten others about the instant, and often tragic collateral damage of driving impaired. However, we also understand that for some driving under the influence is a symptom of a much deeper issue(s) and are here as a non-judgmental resource, if and when a client is ready.

We are all human, we all make mistakes, and we have been there, and done that too. We believe what life is really about is being with the people you love and the people who love you. To learn and grow from mistakes, forgive ourselves and others, move on, and move forward.

Accepted in all courts in the State of Washington
***If you are outside the state of Washington please contact us directly so we can assure that attendance of our panel will be acceptable to your local governing agencies.

Certified by the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission
The Washington State DUI Victims Impact Panel Collation has certified us as a top provider of DUI Impact panels. We follow the DUI Victim Panel guidelines enacted by the Washington State Legislature in 2011 and we are recognized by other U.S. Court Systems as one of the best in the nation.