Since 1984
The Panels were co-founded in 1984 by Judge David Admire of Northeast District Court in Redmond, Washington, and Larry and Shirley Anderson of Bothell, the parents of a young man killed by a drunk driver.
Throughout the Pacific Northwest
Victim panels operate throughout the Pacific Northwest:

  • Washington State – 22 Panels (representing 27 counties)
  • Oregon – 22 Panels
  • California
  • Idaho
Four Seattle area Panels (Kent, Kenmore, Bellevue, and Seattle) meet every month.
Monthly Hispanic Panels
Cowlitz County (WA)
Grant County (WA)
Pierce County (WA)
Reliving The Pain
Victim panelists are cautioned that it is counterproductive to be accusatory, argumentative, or bitter. The simple telling of their stories-how their lives have been changed by an alcohol-impaired driver-has a greater impact than negative comments directed at offenders. Typically, the room is incredibly quiet as each victim relives his or her pain, providing a new and personal insight to the offender of the tragic consequences of drunk driving.
At the conclusion of the presentation, panelists respond to questions from the audience.
Finally, each offender is asked to provide anonymous written comments on what he or she has seen and heard.