Awards & Other Honors

• 1995 Lifetime of Achievement Award (Washington Traffic Safety Commission)
• 1992 Volunteer Group of the Year Award (Redmond Chamber of Commerce)
• 1991 Outstanding Achievement Award for Citizen Effort (Washington Council on Crime and Delinquencies)
• 1989 Silver Award for Citizen Activist (Washington Traffic Safety Commission)
• 1989 nominee for the Washington Gives Awards
• 1988 Letter of Appreciation (US Navy: RADM F. J. Metz)
• 1987 Presidential Award (MADD)
• 1986 Jefferson Award
• 1985 Appreciation Award (Northeast District Court)
• 1983 Appreciation Award (McChord Air Force Base)

TV Shows
• Connie Chung
• Sally Jessy Jesse Raphael
• “Evening with Enrique Cerna” (local TV program)
• “Arrive Alive” (local TV program)

Victims Van
• The Mark Anderson Memorial DWI Victims Van is owned and operated by Shirley and Larry Anderson, who travel throughout the State of Washington to promote safe and sober driving.

Based on our client’s positive feedback, The Original DUI Victims Impact Panel is unquestionably the most effective panel in the area.