All speakers have had their lives changed forever by DUI or impaired driving incidents. Our speakers have lost a loved one due to a DUI crash, received life changing injuries, or are have driven under the influence themselves and had a DUI incident that forever changed their lives.

Our speakers volunteer their time and share their stories in hopes that we can make a positive impact on our smaller and larger communities, in an attempt to save others from having to experience such life altering events from a single decision to drive impaired. Our speakers are professional speakers but also humans with an important message spoken from first hand experience and a lot of heart because we don’t want these types of accidents to happen to other people and their loved ones.

We are always looking for reliable DUI victim’s panel volunteers in Seattle, WA, to speak at or help organize our impact panels across the nation. Below are descriptions of the type of assistance we are looking from our DUI victim’s panel volunteers:

The only selection criterion is the willingness to discuss personal experiences as a victim of drunk drivers in a non-accusatory manner.

A volunteer scheduler maintains a list of panelists and is responsible for scheduling four to six victims to speak at each panel.

Some victims participate in every meeting, while others attend only three or four times a year.

We are currently looking for speakers for our panel. Contact