• 1995 Lifetime of Achievement Award (Washington Traffic Safety Commission)
• 1992 Volunteer Group of the Year Award (Redmond Chamber of Commerce)
• 1991 Outstanding Achievement Award for Citizen Effort (Washington Council on Crime and Delinquencies)
• 1989 Silver Award for Citizen Activist (Washington Traffic Safety Commission)
• 1989 nominee for the Washington Gives Awards
• 1988 Letter of Appreciation (US Navy: RADM F. J. Metz)
• 1987 Presidential Award (MADD)
• 1986 Jefferson Award
• 1985 Appreciation Award (Northeast District Court)
• 1983 Appreciation Award (McChord Air Force Base)

TV Shows
• Connie Chung
• Sally Jessy Jesse Raphael
• “Evening with Enrique Cerna” (local TV program)
• “Arrive Alive” (local TV program)

Victims Van
• The Mark Anderson Memorial DWI Victims Van is owned and operated by Shirley and Larry Anderson, who travel throughout the State of Washington to promote safe and sober driving.