Visitors Tell How Panels Affect Them

We don’t have a death hanging over us
“The impact of the panel is awesome. No one can feel the same as they felt when they walked in, when they walk out. We are the lucky ones, in that we don’t have a death hanging over us.”

An immense flow of emotion
“I cannot critique such as immense flow of emotion that I can’t even fathom. By the blood of my soul, I will not drink and drive, and I will fight with tooth and nail those who dare.”

I used to think…
“As a first time offender of DWI, I used to think that the sentencing was too strict; now, I believe it is not strict enough.”

A decision to take control
“Thank you for caring. And, most of all, thank you for helping me make a decision in my life to take control of my own destiny.”

Totally overwhelmed
“I am so totally overwhelmed by this that I cannot adequately put my feelings down on paper. Reality is really difficult to deal with. When I think of what I could have caused, I become very grateful and yet I know I didn’t take the time to think things out. I really sincerely believe you have removed one more drinking driver from the roads.”

A room so quiet
“I have not sat in a room with this amount of people and had a room so quiet.”

I don’t want to tell a story like I’ve heard tonight
“I sincerely hope that I do not have to ever sit up front like you people and tell a story like I’ve heard tonight.”

Glad I was ordered by the Court to come
“I was very deeply moved by this panel. I am truly glad I was ordered by the court to come here.”

Scares the hell out of me
“I can honestly say that it scares the hell out of me to think I could inflict this pain on anyone. It will never happen again.”